Our Family History

"You are a leaf on a mighty tree"

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Welcome everyone,

A family tree is made up of many branches and limbs that extend out in many directions. The root of the family tree is our heritage, our country of origin, our history. The trunk of our family tree is our namesake; that thing that unites us all and from where the limbs of our tree branch off. From there we will find the many individual families that spread outward stretching upward as if to touch the sun.

And then there are the leaves that cover the canopy of our tree...you and I. Each leaf represents an individual person with a unique design and purpose. It is here that we see the beauty of our family tree as each leaf glistens in the sun.

It's that lineage which throughout the years has made us strong and healthy and has given us direction on how to grow.

You are a leaf on a mighty tree!

Scott Kampen

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The big oak tree

I stand beneath a big oak tree
its limbs stretched forth to shade

I wonder who created thee
for I know not how you are made

Your branches fork
in many directions
filled with tender leaves

I stop to pause, a time for reflection
as I feel a gentle breeze

Where did you come from
this tree so strong
you've stood the test of time

Could it be this tree is me
and all the branches mine

~ Scott Kampen~

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