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Welcome to the online family photo album.
People are organized in individual family groups by their last names, but you will find that sometimes there are multiple people in a picture and so I have to make a decision as to who is the primary person in the image and then group them accordingly. The links below are indented by family relations, with parent first, then children indented below them. Married names for woman are in parens "()".

If there are no more pictures for a particular family or person, the "next" link will take you back to this page. I have many pictures or newspaper articles to add and create webpages for. It is time consuming work because I code each page by hand, so check back often to see new pictures added.

Kampen / Hendrickson Family
William and Kate Kampen farm
- Henry Royal Kampen family portrait
* Robert Kampen and Julia Hendrickson
- John Kampen
- George Kampen
- Albert Kampen
- Fanny Kampen
* Ardyth Ann Arnold
- Carrie Kampen
- Annie Kampen

City of Kampen

Wollin / Verch Family
August Wollin
- Teddy Wollin - Story of an old beer mug.
- Ella Wollin
- Emil Wollin and Auguasta Verch
- Bill Wollin
* A trip to the Shakopee and Norwood Cemetaries in 2005
Albert Wollin
- Minnie Wollin
- Willie Wollin
- Lena Wollin

August Herman Verch married Wilhelmina Hoeft.
- Alvina Mathilda Verch married Julius Trick.
- Gottlieb Karl Trick
- George Trick
- Mathilda Trick
- Hattie Trick
- Julius Trick
- Selma Trick
- Ernst Trick
- Augusta Verch married Emil Wollin.
- William Frederick Wollin
- Albert Robert "Ollie" Wollin
- Whilhelmina "Minnie" Wollin (Bruber)
- Fritz Fred Verch
- August Verch
- Anna Verch
- August Verch Jr.
- Ernst Friedrich William Verch married Clara Ohland.
- Ludwig "Louis" Verch
- Herman Verch
- Albert Verch
- Alberta "Bertha" Verch
- Emma Verch
- Paul Fred Verch married Alma A. Jaekel.
- Clarice Verch
- Virgil Verch
- Elroy Verch
- Duane Verch
- Richard Verch
- Wilhelmina "Minnie" Verch
- *Frieda Verch
- *Hedwig "Hattie" Verch


* I am currently working on the liniage for both Frieda and Hattie Verch. Their mother died on the ship coming to America and their father died shortly after coming to America, leaving them orphand. They were cared for by aunts and uncles and other family members in the area until they married.

Hoskins / Daniels Family
John Martin Daniels and Family
Alta Mae Daniels

William Riley Hoskins
Irma Hoskins

Miscellaneous people and families
Frank, George, Thomas and William Hoskins. Sons of William Riley Hoskins and Eliza Shumate of 1831.
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